Connecting Tech to Human Capital and Organizations.

Due to a major transformation in the way we work and do business successfully, all organizations today struggle to have the best suited talents for the jobs they offer, manage these talents, engage and motivate them, and at last retain them while offering the best possible career path. Tackling these critical moments in the life of a professional and therefore in that of a Human Resources expert has become the key of the kingdom on both sides.

This is where we meet.

Thanks to our Human Resources expertise and our various expertise in technologies, IT, and Artificial Intelligence, we provide small, medium and large organizations with tools/solutions that match the critical challenges of our times. Furthermore, these tools, not only can be integrated into your existing systems, but also be tailored to suit your specific aspirations, needs and objectives.

Hexa Europe also provides consulting services in IT, Human Resources, Leadership, Management and Strategy.

As of today, Hexa Europe sells, mostly in Western Europe, among the most up-dated, efficient and differentiating tools and solutions invested in by Hexa Global Ventures.



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The workforce of today has outgrown the management practices of yesterday. The workforce today...


We are a global software development firm that has been delivering custom solutions to a wide range of industries.


Our vision is to advance growth-minded organizations that are focused on inclusivity, fairness and compassion for their people.

Hexa Coworking

At HEXA, we adhere to six basic values that serve as the cornerstone of the coworking services we provide.

An efficient and reactive ecosystem

Hexa Europe is a subsidiary of Hexa Global Ventures US, based in Europe, selling and representing its companies, products and solutions.

As a subsidiary, Hexa Europe benefits from all the structures, services created by its parent company, in sales, marketing, investments and logistics.

Strategic Advisory Services

HEXA advisory services are used by entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to accelerate decision making and time to market.

Our network of strategic advisors provide guidance, mentoring and support in business-critical areas like identifying a leadership team, developing go-to-market strategies, and strengthening product value.


Maan Hamdan

Chairman of the Board

Maan Hamdan is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor, with a wealth of hands-on experience…

Ayesha Mayhugh

Managing Director

Ayesha Mayhugh is a seasoned executive with more than two decades of experience…


Ahmad Al-Amine

CEO & Co-Founder, TechGenies

Taito Nakagawa

CEO, Insala

Ladislav Hadacek

Managing Director Hexa Global Ventures, Europe

Lee Delahoussaye

Managing Partner, GoGenies


COO Insala